Cranky on the Web (August 29 – September 2)


I’m taking Monday off, so I’ll be back on Tuesday. (Yes, it’s Labor Day, but it’s also the day after my birthday and I’d like to relax a little this weekend.)

Opinion: Airline overreaction a smart moveCNN Out of the Office
In the aftermath, it looks like more flights were canceled by the airlines than necessary, but don’t blame them. There were a lot of reasons why what they did was the right thing.

In the Trenches: Taking the Cloud for a SpinIntuit Small Business Blog
I once again forgot to post this last week. I’ve converted to using accounting software online, and I like it. It hasn’t been without problems, but I like it.

Power to the PeopleAPEX Magazine September 2011
I’m now writing for APEX magazine from time to time, and this is my first feature on providing power onboard. It starts on page 82, and really, the whole magazine is worth a read. I’ll warn you, however, it requires registration.

In the Trenches: Getting Connected OverseasIntuit Small Business Blog
I absolutely hate how the mobile companies charge absurd amounts of money for data abroad. I need to find a better solution.

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9 comments on “Cranky on the Web (August 29 – September 2)

  1. First happy birthday and if you need to rest on monday after you b’day, that must be one wild celebration you are going to have…

    Second on airlines and canceling flights, while those who have working for an airline and report on it will understand the whole thing, the traveling public never will for the most part.

  2. First, Happy Birthday!

    Second, It wasn’t the registration for APEX that you should’ve warned us about, it was the flash. Its a bit late, but my run of the mill MacBook displays the text just too small to be comfortably readable..

  3. As usual, USAPA and their goons do anything they can to hurt the company so they can push their baloney. They don’t seem to understand that they are hurting themselves, they get paid less than AWA pilots and they agreed to binding arbitration. They can’t win, and they can’t pull their baloney for long. Its not the 70’s or 80’s, union actions don’t work any more and no one cares about their endless cries for victimhood. USAirways should have died and went Chapter 7, it would have been better for the industry. Sounds cruel, but the entitlement culture out east is beyond control. There needs to be mass firings of the pilots that are lying, malingering and trying to ruin their airline. They won’t be missed.

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