Recognizing the Top Cranky Commenters

If you’ll be near LAX this Saturday, mark your calendar to celebrate 5 Cranky years. Join me and Johnny Jet at In ‘n Out for a little plane spotting between 11a and 1p.

As I said yesterday, nothing has made this blog more successful than the 23,000+ comments that you guys have left. And there are some of you that contribute a lot more than others to the cause. In fact, there are 22 of you who still actively comment and have had more than 100 comments on the blog. You can probably guess the number one commenter . . . male performance enhancers. But for some reason, those comments always seem to be a little off topic. Anyway, there are others who clearly stand at the top of the pack. And now it’s time for me to say thank you by giving a bunch of stuff away.

Cranky's Favorite Things

I dug into my memorabilia box (much smaller than it used to be now that I’m married) and pulled out some things to give out. I also went to airlines to see who might want to participate and Alaska, Delta, JetBlue, and Southwest all agreed to join in the party.

If you read the comments, you probably know who the top two commenters are without a hint. David SFeastbay tops the list with over 1,000 while Nicholas Barnard is right behind at just shy of 900. They have both been active on the blog for years, and I’m happy to be able to offer them something to say thank you.

David SFeastbay, to thank you for having the most comments on the blog, I’m excited to be able to send you a retro Delta L1011 model thanks to Delta Air Lines. (I was very tempted to just keep that for myself.) Nicholas Barnard, I’ll be sending you a complimentary Delta Sky Club day pass, also from Delta. In addition, you’ll both receive:

  • One free roundtrip Flight Monitoring and Flight Planning service using Cranky Concierge
  • A Cranky t-shirt of your choosing
  • One complimentary day pass to an Alaska Airlines Board Room lounge and a complimentary wifi pass on an Alaska Airlines flight (thanks to Alaska Airlines)
  • One premium Southwest pen and a Southwest thumb drive (thanks to Southwest Airlines)
  • Choice of a JetBlue LEGO airplane, JetBlue frisbee, or JetBlue water bottle (thanks to JetBlue)
  • First pick from the Cranky memorabilia pile

It’s not just David SFeastbay and Nicholas Barnard who get to share in the fun. There are 20 more of you who have commented more than 100 times and continue to be active (meaning you’ve commented this year). Here are the names in descending order of number of comments:

Bill from DC
Jason H
sanjeev M
Consumer Mike
Dan Webb
David M

Ok, so David M only has 99 comments but come on, close enough, right? You guys will all get the following:

  • Your choice of one complimentary day pass to an Alaska Airlines Board Room lounge or a complimentary wifi pass on an Alaska Airlines flight (thanks to Alaska Airlines)
  • Your choice of one premium Southwest pen or a Southwest thumb drive (thanks to Southwest Airlines)
  • One pick from the Cranky memorabilia pile

I’ve already sent emails to all of you except for “David” who I believe uses a fake address (though it’s consistently the same fake address, so I know it’s you). So David, send me a note and I’ll respond with the details.

For the rest of you, if anything is left over after these guys are done with it (and yes, I believe they’re all guys, ladies), then I might put some kind of contest up to give away the rest of the stuff. And while you’re at it, come on in and join the comment party. Though it can get heated, it’s almost always respectful and the discussion is usually more interesting than the post that kicked it off. Besides, you never know what top commenters will get at the 10 year anniversary.

Thank you to Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, and Southwest Airlines for being willing to contribute to the Cranky celebration.

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45 comments on “Recognizing the Top Cranky Commenters

  1. I never knew posting comments was like earning frequent flyer miles. Brett, do you have a name for your frequent comment club?

  2. Wow, CF. That pic makes you look like Weird Al Yankovic.

    You should have gone for the Vanna White look instead.


    1. Wow JM, you hit that nail on the head. There’s absolutely a a Weird Al resemblence, sort of like “Lost on Jeopardy!” or his latest “Perform This Way.”

      I am a Weird Al fan.

    1. Oh come on now, leaveBrett alone! Your going to make him cranky! He’s put a lot of work into this site & you want to make fun of him? Dam it that’s my job!

      Brett, I cant wait to celebrate a full decade!

  3. Wow by name in bold type, it’s like seeing my name up on a movie marquee.

    And before people start saying I have no life to have left so many comments, let me just say….I don’t….lol. But I do work from home and my work computer is next to my personal computer so it’s easy to check what ‘Cranky’ comments have been said during the day and leave more comments.

    Thank you Brett for what I’m about to receive, and let me also say that outfit does not do you justice. You need to show more cleavage, sex sells baby :-)

  4. Wow…Alaska Airlines offers up Board Room passes and free wifi while Southwest and jetBlue give out “premium” pens and frisbee’s. Just sayin’. =)

  5. Thanks for the good word and recognition – and congratulations. When I lived in L.A. I spent hours on that little triangular median next to In N Out marveling at the widebodies from all over the world lined up and reel themselves in right down to 100 feet above me. Absolutely amazing, especially at sunset when the landing lights take shape and you figure out exactly what type of aircraft it is. If I were there I would certainly join you!

    On almost every flight there’s a least one moment of wonder and appreciation where I’ve been thrilled and amazed at the view, at the fact I’m floating through the air, and at the technology and human achievement that makes it all happen. I think more folks would be well served to think that way rather than automatically conditioning themselves to expect something miserable.

    I love to fly and get excited every time – so thanks for keeping the excitement alive even on the days I’m at my desk.

    p.s. If my post count has tapered down lately it’s because I’m back in school full time, continue to work full time and trying not to sacrifice my weekend getaways and spring/fall foreign trips. But I still read every post so keep it up.

    All the best – James in Denver.

    1. James, you almost make me want to fly out to LAX just for some plane spotting this weekend. In-and-Out is pretty good too.

  6. I’m humbled, Brett – cheers, mate.

    On congrats on your 5th birthday, AND your new bodywork – the UCLA gender reassignment surgeons are particularly gifted:)

    1. Yes. UCLA did great work. You should all even be more impressed that I have time to write this blog at all with my new “assets” just hanging around.

  7. Gosh, if I had known there was a contest, I woulda commented more and lurked less :) Congratulations to the winners…I’ve enjoyed reading your comments over the years and will say so more often now! And Brett, way to go…congratulations on your anniversary!

    1. I wouldn’t want anyone to know it was a contest! (In fact, it wasn’t until I came up with the idea a couple weeks ago.) I don’t want to reward people just for the sake of commenting. Everyone on this list commented because they had something to say and took the time to share. That’s what I’m really happy about.

    1. You get a hearty “thank you” for sticking around and reading them all. And of course, for being a longtime Cranky Concierge client.

    1. Scottsdale Road and 202 by the ASU stadium(s) is close enough. It’s usually quite crowded with the college crowd but you’ll be right in line with the landings from the east. For even better burgers but a little off line from the planes is the Chuckbox on University.

      1. The Chuckbox is good. There are also a number of restaurants around 56th St. and Washington. Heck you can go to Monti’s, take lunch out (great burgers) and watch from the park near US Airways’ headquarters. I used to go to Cardinals games at Sun Devil Stadium. If the game was bad (and it usually was back then) I’d find myself watching the planes go by; which was often far more entertaining than the football being played on the field.

    2. Oh I had forgotten about the Chuckbox. That’s a good spot. My favorite when I was at America West was to bring my own lunch or buy something and walk it over to Tempe Beach Park. Can’t beat that view.

      I was at the UCLA vs ASU game last year and UCLA got destroyed after the first quarter. I just watched planes go by all afternoon.

  8. Thanks Brett for all the work you’ve done! Best of luck for another 5 years.

    Unfortunately living near DC, I can’t make it to LA anytime soon to planespot :(

  9. As a reader and Concierge customer (mostly international travel), I thank you for the blog, and I thank all of the industry insider commenters for their insightful comments. Congratulations on five years.

  10. Wow, of course my name is up there in lights the day that I’ve got the whole morning and half of the afternoon blocked to go running around like a chicken in Seattle.

    But I’m honored to be recognized, although this somehow feels like my birthday: I’m the one who gets all the gifts, although my mom was the one to do all the hard work. I just kinda howled and cried through the whole thing… ;-)

    Now, I know I need to either start matching David SFeastbay comment for comment, or commenting over on The Brothers Brick if I want that JetBlue Lego plane.. ;-)

    Brett, thank you for providing a fun thoughtful and lively place for discussion about my favorite geek topic.

    I’d love to go snag some In n’ Out. But I don’t have the $400 to burn to fly to LAX then turn right back around.. And well I’ve got dinner plans with family from California..

      1. Oh David can have it then. I only allow genuine LEGOs in the house. It’s one of those weird rules the cat has for living in his apartment. (Dog owners like Cranky have it so easy!)

  11. Well, this is interesting. These don’t include the comments that I posted with one more “s” at the end of my name. Anyhow, I thank Brett for this.

    Now, I should be able to go on Saturday. I’ll be interested to meet the only blogger I follow.

    Thanks, again…. and congrats to the rest of you that have this much time on your (my) hands… ;).

  12. Actually, I included everything. I searched by name and by email address, and I looked for partial matches. So unless you used a different email address or a completely different alias, then it was counted.

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