Cranky on the Web (April 11-15)

Inflight Entertainment

In-flight entertainment following the timesCNN Out of the Office
I remain convinced that one of these days, inflight entertainment will simply be internet and power. The airlines could just provide content if they so chose.

In the Trenches: Making a Pricing Change the Right WayIntuit Small Business Blog
We’re looking at some pricing changes for Cranky Concierge, and I’m kicking the effort off this week.

5 comments on “Cranky on the Web (April 11-15)

  1. I remember a time when you would have many more links to the various articles you would author on many different sites. Now your down to only three a week here, (witch broke my hart) and a few others here and there, on other sites. What gives?

    1. Well, most of those articles were written for BNET. As I wrote here a couple weeks ago, my term with BNET came to an end after 3 years. If anyone is looking for a freelance writer, I’d be happy to ramp up again. But until then, my output is going to be greatly reduced.

      1. Please understand, that I did not mean to sound critical, I truly enjoy reading your articles. I look forward to your posts (OK, I admit, I’m a fan). I was afraid you were slowing down your blogging for some other endeavor. If you have any extra time, why not bring back a Cranky Blog on Wednesdays?

        1. Oh I know, didn’t think you were being critical at all. I’m actually working on a Wednesday idea. Hoping to have something up next week, but we’ll see.

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