Topic of the Week: JetBlue Goes Intra-Caribbean


Remember that post about how Spirit should move into the intra-Caribbean market? Looks like JetBlue is going to beat Spirit to the punch. JetBlue already flies from San Juan to Santo Domingo, and now it’s going from San Juan to St Maarten as well. Is this a good move?

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8 comments on “Topic of the Week: JetBlue Goes Intra-Caribbean

  1. Definitely a good move by JetBlue. With AA scaling back SJU operations, B6 was given a great opportunity to start this service. Hopefully they’ll add some more mainland destinations from SJU.

  2. Not 100% on topic but, while they’re at it, could B6 consider a IAD/BWI or even DCA run to SJU? I know IAD finally got demoted to a “small dot” on their route map (I still blame Independence Air) but it would seem to make sense given the relative dearth of service to SJU from the entire DC area.

    Since AA recently pulled their daily SJU runs from BWI and IAD, SJU service from all three DC airports consists solely of one daily on UA from IAD and two dailies from BWI on FL. TPA has more service to SJU! If I’m getting greedy, how about DCA-SJU on B6?!

    1. DCA-SJU would be nice, but I would expect IAD first from B6.

      The Latin America/Caribbean demand in the DC area generally is for El Salvador, Peru, and Colombia. This is why we have TACA, Avianca, Copa, etc. (who also can connect you to the rest of South America). Additionally, you have one-stop via numerous airlines (incl Spirit) to most island destinations. What I am surprised is that some airline hasn’t started BWI-Central America. Considering that certain suburbs on the Maryland side are household names in Latin America, I would think BWI would get something.

      Personally, I feel the E190 is the right combo of size and CASM for the Caribbean market. Of course JetBlue’s service and first bag free should help too.

  3. TWA once had SJU as a mini hub but it was hard to compete with the hub AA had. With AA reducing service it could work if they have the feed from other U.S. cities in/out of SJU.

    Is AA reducing service because the traffic isn’t there anymore, or are they hurting for money so badly that dropping what is mostly leisure traffic with low fares a way of saving money? You just don’t drop service that you’ve had for eons on a whim.

  4. If they have feed into SJU it makes sense. Hopefully they will build up SJU now that AA is cutting back. You kinda have to wander though that if AA couldn’t make a big SJU hub work, can anyone else?

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