Cranky on the Web (March 28 – April 1)

Alaska Airlines, BNET, Mitsubishi, Sukhoi

Don’t let turbulence freak you outCNN Out of the Office
This week I tackle turbulence. It’s not going to kill you, even it scares you senseless.

Shrinking Subsidies: Can Southwest Serve Mid-Tier Cities Profitably?BNET Headwinds
It’s sort of a jump to get to this title, but subsidies are starting to shrink thanks to government budget cuts, and AirTran has a lot of cities it serves thanks to subsidies. Will Southwest be able to continue that?

New Entrants Race to Build Small AirplanesBNET Headwinds
The 70 to 100 seat market is getting crowded with both Sukhoi and Mitsubishi throwing their hats into the ring. Chances for success seem slim to me.

Alaska to compensate fliers caught in computer outageThe Seattle Times
The reporter seemed very concerned that Alaska hadn’t immediately offered compensation to people impacted by the computer meltdown over the weekend. I said that it would have been foolish to focus on that when people just needed to get places. Worry about compensation after the fact.

In the Trenches: Why I’m Not Using Google AdWordsIntuit Small Business Blog
I’ve tried using Google AdWords a couple times and so far, no luck. But that doesn’t mean I won’t go back.

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