Cranky on the Web (February 14-18)

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The long and short of ‘premium economy’CNN Out of the Office
This week, I look at premium economy options in light of Delta’s decision to introduce it’s own version.

Delta Sees Empty Seats in January, but That May Not be BadBNET Headwinds
The January traffic roundup is in and Delta didn’t have the best month. If fares were high enough, however, that might not be bad.

Low-fare marriage of Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways may be a plus for Northeast OhioCleveland Plain Dealer
I was asked about my thoughts on what would happen to Cleveland and Akron/Canton when the Southwest/AirTran merger was complete and my quote here doesn’t really make it clear. I can easily see both Cleveland and Akron/Canton having a place in the Southwest system, but it’s always possible that strategy could dictate otherwise.

United’s 757 Grounding: What It Really Says About Airline SafetyBNET Headwinds
United had to ground some 757s this week, but this isn’t all bad. It shows the strength of the airline safety culture.

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