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When I first dropped down to 3 posts a week, I said I’d revisit it after the end of the year. Well here we are, and I’ve decided that I’m sticking with the change. I would love to write Cranky more often, but after looking through the surveys (thanks for filling those out) and talking to a bunch of people, I’ve come to the point where I just don’t see how I can really increase revenue enough to justify me taking time away from other projects that can pay. I’ve got to make a living, so I’m sticking with the 3 day a week Cranky schedule.

I am still writing daily over on BNET ( so if you’re really missing Cranky on Wednesday and Friday, you can come over there as well. I try to get those up in the mornings but sometimes it can take a lot longer to go through the edit process.

I’ll keep putting discussion topics up on Fridays, and I hope that in the future I’ll have things in order to the point where I can ramp back up here to go daily on Cranky. Until then, I’ll stick with Monday/Tuesday/Thursday and I hope you keep reading.

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16 comments on “Topic of the Week: Posting Schedule

    1. I think the reasons have already been discussed here, but readership is heavier earlier in the week. So I wanted to make sure to do Monday and Tuesday for sure. Friday is the lowest day (excluding the weekends) so I thought Thursday would be better.

  1. Brett,

    It seems foolish of me to ask that I get to read more of your stuff for free, in exchange for you not making money. This whole thing is a gift in my opinion as the blog itself doesn’t really have a business model, asides from ads. So play on playa.

  2. Cool. Keep it up.

    Discussion topics for this week: I think we covered Rapid Rewards well enough yesterday so lets not focus on that. How about we start with
    -What’s going on in MIA (LAN/TAM, lots of new flights, Star mini-hub?)
    -New international routes to the US from Middle East and Africa
    -AA vs Expedia/Orbitz/Sabre etc.

  3. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday is a perfect schedule. Friday people are getting ready the weekend and I’m certainly more proccupied. (Today I suppose being an exception.)

    That reminds me of a funny incident: My other half and I took a Polish girl we met on Couchsurfing or Lonely Planet out for dinner and drinks. She was visiting Colorado and mentioned that she posted a couple questions on a local message board but didn’t get a response. It was the weekend, so I said “oh check back Monday when people are back at work and go through their sites and forums.” “It’s the weekend now so people are out doing things with friends.”

    She paused, then she asked us quizzically, “Why would people be on the internet more while at work? Don’t they have to work?” We explained, “Well yeah, people work, but take a few breaks – and instead of water cooler chat and smoke breaks now people bounce around on various forums and sites they like. ”

    She asked if our managers cared (in general). I pictured her in Polish factory job with a hard nose boss standing over her. I told her as long as things get done and it’s not excessive most don’t care, and for the hours we Americans work some personal time is traded.

    I think she was still baffled by this. For better or for worse…

    1. Your anecdote only works for some states or parts of CO. I know in our Denver office when the days are like they have been today and yesterday there are a lot of “smoke breaks” from people that don’t smoke. Of course yesterday we all went outside and watched the Stockshow Parade.

  4. Agree on the “wish there were more but I’ll still read your blog” idea.

    Also, strongly agree on the AA vs Sabre/Expedia/Orbitz saga as a debate or article about this is already overdue.

  5. Cranky – your proposed schedule and reasons for it make perfect sense. Between here and BNet I can get my Cranky fix just as I like it :-)

  6. I’ve been writing about the American vs distribution partners war over on BNET. My latest just went up:

    I’m working on another one about why this is such a stupid move by Sabre to kick AA out. Sabre is just trying to prevent its own demise, but by fighting the way of the world, it’s guaranteeing its death. (Well, not the company’s death but this part of the business.)

  7. I’m definitely in the “I’d like Cranky more” camp, but I love the fact that I get them three times a week now, and am grateful that we had over four years of Cranky five days a week! It ain’t easy doing all that writing..

    1. I haven’t been on it, but I think 3-3-3 in Y+ is a good idea in terms of revenue management for UA. BA uses 2-4-2 in World Traveller Plus and charges a hefty premium for what is basically extra legroom. Personally I don’t need the extra width but the pitch is great.

      UA has made it clear that Y+ is simply extra legroom. I would much rather have for example a 777 with 10 across (one more than usual) if it means I get 34″-35″ seat pitch on a 10 hour flight.

      This also makes me wonder…what if we had A320/B737 with 7 across and 35″ seat pitch? Get rid of armrests if you need to. Looking at cabin width numbers on Wikipedia, seems like if it can be done on the 777 it can be done on the 737 as well.

  8. Thank you Cranky for your posts! While the cheap among us (me) appreciate the free things in life; we really love the idea of you earning a living to fund our Social Security, FAA Trust Fund, and Medicare among others. So if you can max out on those contributions by writing this blog less, then God speed young man! … but once you do max out on those, come on back and write some more we love it! :o)

  9. Anymore then 3 is overkill. Seriously, it gets to a point that most topics have been discussed ad naseum on the web. Keep up the good work. THREE is plenty!

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