Cranky on the Web (December 17 – 24)

Turkish Airlines Sponsorship Gets Kobe Bryant in TroubleBNET Headwinds
Kobe is a global ambassador for Turkish Airlines now, but the Armenian community is up in arms.

United Airlines Examining How Wireless Internet Fits Into Its FutureBNET Headwinds
United has put satellite-based wifi on one of its airplanes. What exactly does this mean?

Yet Another Union Complaint Against Delta Generates More NoiseBNET Headwinds
Another day, another claim of interference by a scorned union. This time, there’s a little more substance involved, but it’s still clouded by a lot of noise.

American vs. Orbitz: How the Fight Could Change Travel SalesBNET Headwinds
American has pulled out of Orbitz, and this is just the start of a brewing battle over travel distribution.

Why Airline Unions Keep Claiming Management “Interference” With ElectionsBNET Headwinds
I dug deeper into airline labor election laws, and it now makes more sense why unions file interference claims so often. It can’t hurt.

In the Trenches: The Curse and Beauty of FacebookIntuit Small Business Blog
Facebook is a great place to be for a business, but it’s also a pain in the neck.

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  1. The challenge of allowing internet access on board is something that is becoming very frustrating. Forget wifi and the associated dangers of conflicting radio waves – why not just install good old wires and sockets?

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