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In the Trenches: Ramping Up for the HolidaysIntuit Small Business Blog
While others ramp down, we ramp up during the holidays.

Privatizing Air Travel Security Won’t Change What People Hate About ScreeningBNET Headwinds
Calls for privatizing airport screening are rising, but that’s not going to change a thing. It’s a red herring.

How Synergy Can Actually Work: Continental Puts United’s Airplanes to Good Use in PeruBNET Headwinds
United will be flying a domestic 767 from Houston to Lima. This is a good move and it’s something that can only be done because of the merger.

Making Business Travel More TolerableIntuit Small Business Blog
I wrote something outside of my usual column, this time offering tips for small business travelers.

Zagat Airline Survey Reveals Challenge for new UnitedBNET Headwinds
I don’t usually like surveys, but the Zagat one this year shows the challenges that Continental will face in its United merger.

In the Trenches: Fighting the Business Lull with Dream ListsIntuit Small Business Blog
When I get hit with a lull, I turn to my dream lists to make sure I’m not wasting time.

Union Inability to Accept Election Losses at Delta is a Bad SignBNET Headwinds
Unions keep losing representation elections at Delta, but they refuse to give up. It’s time to move on and try again a few years down the road.

Can the Airbus A320neo Can Meet Its Promise to Boost Fuel Efficiency?BNET Headwinds
Airbus has launched a re-engined A320 family, but will it live up to the hyped fuel savings?

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web (November 29-December 3)

  1. Don’t agree with the CO vs UA ratings on the Zagat survey – the CO flights I’ve had the misfortune to take over the past 12 months have been shocking, at best, and down right poor at worst. UA still delivers for me, at least with minimal frills, 99% of the time. The CO product is vastly over-rated and I hope your predictions that the new United will be CO by another name don’t materialize in totality.

    SQ, on the other hand – well, my recent trip in Y was better than any I’ve ever done in F on UA!

  2. Regarding the CO-UA Lima flight with a 767-300, not sure why you overlooked the cargo portion. The 757-200 has a cargo capacity of 24,800# and max space of 1,698 cubic feet versus the 767-300 at 72,736#s and max space of 4,030 cu feet.. and not to mention the 767-300 can handle pallets and containerized cargo. I have a gut feeling that cargo may be a much bigger driver on IAH-LIM than carrying passengers.

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