Cranky on the Web (August 9-13)

BNET, ExpressJet, JetBlue, Mergers/Finance, SkyWest

Why is SkyWest Buying ExpressJet?BNET Headwinds
You’ve probably been wondering why I was silent on this, but it was just a backlog of posts on the BNET site.

Why Delta Airlines Decided to Invade IcelandBNET Headwinds
Delta’s going to Iceland, just like everyone else. But I don’t think it’s a bad move.

Stressed JetBlue attendant not flying soloCrain’s New York Business
Crain’s asked me about the now famous JetBlue flight attendant who popped a slide and walked away.

JetBlue’s Stress Test: A Peek at the Secret Fantasy of Every Flight AttendantBNET Headwinds
I honestly didn’t want to write about this, but the story blew up so fast, that I had to jump in.

Pilot Outsourcing a Tough Challenge for United-Continental MergerBNET Headwinds
Pilot scope clauses are going to be front and center in the United/Continental merger. Did the SkyWest acquisition of ExpressJet have something to do with that?

JetBlue Plays It Smart (and Serious) After Steven Slater IncidentBNET Headwinds
It’s been an interesting week for JetBlue, and now the airline is talking directly to its employees about the Steven Slater incident. It’s an excellent letter.

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4 comments on “Cranky on the Web (August 9-13)

  1. For Slater, he clearly hit a breaking point that had been building for some time. If you’re a flight attendant, you can’t just snap like that.

    Time put out an interesting twist to this issue. HEAD INJURY:

    All of these behaviors—impulsivity, clumsiness, confusion, disorientation, irritability, “out of character” behavior—can be head injury symptoms. When the brain gets hit, the outer regions that prevent people from doing things, like telling off customers, quitting work and activating the emergency slide to make a dramatic exit, are often the first to be affected.

    1. Huh, I thought that deal ended. Looks like they just swapped the CRJ for ERJ airplanes but it’s still intact. Thanks.

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