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I’m tired. As you know I pump out blog posts five days a week here on Cranky and also over at BNET Headwinds. I don’t take vacation. Or I should say, when I do take vacation, Cranky Needs a BreakI pre-write posts for the days that I’m gone. The last time I took a real vacation was about a year and a half ago when I went on my honeymoon. (If I didn’t take that time off, it might have been a short-lived marriage.) But now, I’m feeling burnt and I need a week off, so that means it’s time to sharpen your writing skills and get ready for some guest posting.

My birthday is September 4, so I’m just going to start there and take the whole week off. Since Monday the 6th is Labor Day, I really only need to fill the spots on four days. That being said, I’m looking for guest posts on Cranky and on BNET, so there will be a total of 8 that go live. If you’re interested, here is what I’m looking for.

Cranky Posts
The criteria for guest posting on Cranky is relatively broad. Just make it about airlines and make it interesting. (And yes, it has to be well-written.) If you’d like to see guest posts that have made it in the past, check these out:

The last few guest posts have been pretty thought-heavy, but that’s not a requirement. In fact, some of the ones I like best are just enjoyable reads. If you have expertise working in the industry and want to write about what you do (a la, The Dispatcher), then that’s great. If you’re a traveler and had an interesting experience that would appeal to the masses, go for it. There really aren’t any guidelines except that it should be a good read and it should be grammatically correct. (I’m a stickler.)

The one thing that won’t make the cut? If you’re trying to promote a product or service, it’s not going to happen. That’s what advertising is for, and this isn’t advertising.

BNET Posts
Since BNET is owned by CBS and not by me, the rules for posts are much more strict here than on Cranky. For that reason, I ask that if you’d like to write a guest post for BNET, you’ll need to clear the topic with me first and you can expect revisions, a lot of revisions.

BNET is a site about management, so your post has to be something relevant to managers in the industry. It can be about a business decisions, macro or micro trends, or anything along those lines. Since the post will have to be written in advance, it’ll need to be more of an “evergreen” post, meaning that it can’t be based on the day’s news but rather larger trends so that it will still be relevant when it goes live.

A BNET post has to contain analysis. It cannot just be reporting on the news or situation. It has to break down a topic and give insight on it.

Hopefully some of you will be interested in having your name in lights. If you’re interested, just send me an email at

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11 comments on “It’s Guest Post Time – Submit Your Ideas

    1. I celebrate US holidays because I like to drink on those days. And if I’m drunk, it’s best if I’m not writing!

  1. When one tries to get award travel online to many places, mainly overseas, American Airlines website says that AA doesn’t serve those places. (Hello Oneworld alliance!) However-a miracle!-when the trip is searched as a paying cu$tomer, schedules appear with fares also shown. What this does is force one to call up to book award flights and pay a fee for such service. And AA, like other airlines, claims it prefers people to search and book flights online. What other airlines do the same?

    1. Geraud, maybe you should research this, maybe interview someone in the industry about it, and submit it for a guest post.

      1. I have no idea how to research both of my comments/questions and I doubt if I could expect other airlines to waste their time to give me information. I hope readers would answer from personal knowledge and experiences .

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