And the Winner Is . . .


Time is up. After receiving well over 100 entries to create a caption, I have sifted through them and chosen a winner. While the joke about “mine’s bigger than yours” is a good one, it’s just too obvious. There were definitely some real stinkers in there and some funny ones too, but in the end, there is only one winner. And you’ll see it below the picture, taking its rightful place as a caption . . .

Gerard Arpey/ Dave Barger Photo
Just don’t tell our wives we fondled a couple of models on this trip

So congratulations to “sam carl” for submitting the winning caption. I’ll be sending you an email today so you can take advantage of free concierge services on your next trip. Thanks to everyone for entering.

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4 comments on “And the Winner Is . . .

  1. That was a good caption and I missed seeing it before. I sort of blurred out all the submissions after awhile, and I give you credit Brett for having to read them all to find a winner…

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