My Code of Ethics is Live


Thank you to everyone for your feedback on my proposed code of ethics last week. I was up in the mountains this weekend and it gave me plenty of time to review everything and get my code ready to go. So, point your browser to and you’ll see it in all its glory.

As promised, I have also given it a prominent place on the site. You will see it in the menu bar at the top of every single page. I take this seriously, as you can tell.

You’ll see that some things have been revised from the original round. You guys told me that the most important thing was to have full disclosure and to write the complete truth. I’ve made those the central tenets of the code.

I’ve also decided to disclose all offers of free and/or discounted products and services, so you can scroll through that page to see what I’ve been offered and what I’ve accepted.

As always, feedback is welcome.

5 comments on “My Code of Ethics is Live

  1. Well done. I think you strike the right balance. Your willingness to be so transparent on offers (both those accepted and those not accepted) sets a new standard. If only everyone else on the internet and in the mainline media were as transparent…

  2. Excellent work Cranky. A good “balance” and transparency there, and with some blogs being influenced and not disclosed, it’s a sign of honesty and trust.

  3. Is there a reason why you turned down some of the offers? For instance, a blog regarding the Open Skies servies would have been quite interesting…

  4. Brett,

    Nice work. I think this shows you took the comments seriously and you also are really trying to stay above board. I’m glad that the blog is working out well enough that you need an ethics policy. :)


  5. Skinny wrote:

    Is there a reason why you turned down some of the offers?

    Well, the BA ones have been the most difficult, because we’ve tried three times and it hasn’t worked out due to scheduling conflicts. I actually would have liked to have taken that one. I’m still working with BA to do the London/City flight. So I didn’t turn it down for any reason other than simple scheduling issues.

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