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I must admit that I’m phoning it in today. I’m tired and just want to nap. So, here’s a video that a friend sent to me of Louis CK doing a hilarious appearance on Conan O’Brien to help you kill some time this morning.

I know that this might not be a good time considering how angry many of you are that weather ruined your travel plans, but for all the bitching and moan we all do when a flight is delayed or a flight attendant is rude, it’s nice to step back and look at from this perspective sometimes. As Louis CK says, “Everybody on every plane should just constantly be going ‘Oh my god! Wow!’ . . . . You’re sitting in a chair . . . in the sky.”

Airline talk starts about 2 minutes in.

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5 comments on “Just Remember One Thing

  1. Cranky – you put together a good post every weekday throughout the year. You got married this year – take a few days off and relax a little. Your audience will cope in the meantime !

  2. Louis CK is very funny. I’ve seen his act once or twice, it was well worth it. And I agree with the sentiment–unless your flight attendant is really just the worst piece of work ever (and though I do have an issue with the sardine-can approach to seat sizes), what’s to complain?

  3. Despite the constant moaning and complaining, – whether deserved or not, I still appreciate the fact I get take off from my home and be in Europe, South America, or New York City in a matter of hours.

    And domestic travel is still better than a covered wagon…

  4. We do have a right to complain when flights are cancelled due to the incompetence of airlines, even in bad weather. Portland OR was hit with a bad snow storm during the holidays. United made many connections. Southwest did not. The local Portland news media reported that SOUTHWEST CANCELLED ALL FLIGHTS BECAUSE ALL OF THEIR DE-ICING EQUIPMENT WAS BROKEN AND NOT OPERATING. There were many outraged Southwest passengers — just read the blogs and posted comments on some of the Portland TV stations. Most of the comments are justifiably aimed at Southwest. The lesson learned by many Portland passengers is to NEVER fly Southwest in the winter, at least not to Portland, since they can’t handle bad weather at that airport. United, despite its many shortcomings, made many more connections than Southwest.

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