Spend Christmas with the Dally


If you celebrate Christmas, you’re probably thinking you need a little break from the family right now. So, come on over to Aviation Dally and see some of the stories that have gone live since it first launched. Here are the latest:

United Launches Low-Fare Airline Nit
News Briefs: American’s Marketing Plans, US Airways Merger Efforts, and More
United Invests in Illinois Senate Seat
Boeing Pushes Out 787 Dreamliner Delivery Date to May 3rd, 2063
O’Hare Expansion Threatened by Governor
USAPA Sues Federal Judge for Unfavorable Ruling, “Looking at Us Funny”
American Announces Conversion of Airline to “Flying Museum”
Emirates Pushes Expansion Despite Gloom
TSA Enhances Security Again
After Europe Takeover German Sights on USA

Happy Holidays!

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1 comment on “Spend Christmas with the Dally

  1. OMG I needed a good laugh on a black Monday….. “dude, this is totally the last time we are going to move back the delivery date”…ROTFL LMAO. It does make you wonder if the 787 program is being run by the Sigma Nu pledge class of ’12.

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