JetBlue Opens Its New JFK Terminal 5

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JetBlue travelers rejoice! The airline’s brand spanking new Terminal 5 opened yesterday. This means the cramped and awkward Terminal 6 is finally, mercifully empty.

If you’d like to learn more about the terminal, you can see my earlier post or you can check out JetBlue’s blog on the opening. You can also head over to JetBlue’s EXTREMELY detailed Flickr photostream. (I’m pretty sure I don’t need to see a sandwich that close-up.)

I snagged the following picture off their site. Looks like a beautiful day at JFK.

JetBlue's First Day at JFK T5

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4 comments on “JetBlue Opens Its New JFK Terminal 5

  1. Looks great.. Reminded me I need to use my free JetBlue trip tonight! (not flyin tonight, getting the trip booked tonight.)

    I might try wrangling it over the phone so I get the long connection in NYC so I can spend more time at T5. (Odd I know, but I got a nice “free” day in NYC that way once, and then almost missed the flight to Seattle.. !(#@*$@#$ subway.)

  2. Its a velvet prison, a nicer place to wait for incredibly unacceptable delays because of lack of oversight of scheduling flights.

  3. The new terminal is pretty impressive. I spent a while there on Wednesday and was genuinely pleased with the layout of the space, the quality of the food I got in the food court (though not the lines, the layout or the sprinklers going off in the pizza place). More details from a day spent in the terminal can be found here.

  4. The layout is beautiful. It quickly wears off while you wait for what seems like forever to depart. Then you get on the plane and you wait some more.

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