This Week on BNET (Oct 6 – 10)

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Lufthansa’s Social Networking Effort
Lufthansa has launched its own social network. I’d be surprised if anyone used it. Keep reading to see why.

TSA’s Useless Photo ID Rules
As usual, TSA photo ID rules are full of holes. What are they focusing on now and why is it a problem?

Delta, Air Canada Among Carriers Weighing Benefit of Paint Stripping
There’s always been a debate about whether the fuel savings from going with bare metal can outweigh the corrosion protection from paint. The answer may be changing.

Republic May Be Looking to Start a Hawaiian Airline
Republic Airways appears to be sniffing around the Hawaiian market, plotting to jump into the fray. Why is this better than Mesa’s efforts?

Midway’s Privatization Could Mean Changes for Airlines
Chicago has privatized Midway Airport as part of a federal test program. There’s no doubt that airports and airlines will be watching closely to see what happens.

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