Time to Get Married

The time has finally come. I’m leaving today for my wedding this weekend. As you can imagine, I’m not going to be online much over the next week, but I do have new posts ready to go live each day for you. The only difference you’ll see is that I’ll be slower to respond to emails and comments, and I may not get to it until I return next Wednesday.

I’ll be back with you next week!

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26 Responses to Time to Get Married

  1. Pete says:

    Congrats Cranky and have a great wedding!

  2. Marty Near DFW says:

    Congratulations! =M=

  3. Zach says:

    Mazel tov!

  4. Oliver says:

    Congrats! And don’t be cranky, Cranky!

  5. Jim Sack says:

    On behalf of Governor Mitch Daniels, the people of Indiana, and myself, a longtime Hoosier, I congratulate you on your forth coming marriage and wish many happy skymiles together, happy landings and mai tais by the pool for life. (I am from Indiana, so I am a bit challenged when it comes to exotic drink spellings. I am sure someone among your legions will correct me.)

  6. Al B says:

    Congratulations! And don’t even think of working on this site until you return. You deserve it and we’ll survive.

  7. David says:

    Congrats mate. I certainly hope you dont show your face around here for at least a week! Enjoy the honeymoon.

  8. Leslie says:

    Congrats on the upcoming nuptials and THANK YOU for all you do. Now just relax and enjoy wedded bliss!

  9. Bobber says:

    Hope you and the missus have a wonderful day, Cranky! Don’t worry, Alitalia will still be around by the time you get back.

  10. Chris M. Dickson says:

    *wishes you sparkly joy*

  11. Marc says:

    All the best to your and your new spouse!

  12. oliver says:

    congratulations! enjoy the time off!

  13. Dan Webb says:

    Brett! Congrats! Hope the wedding and the honeymoon go great!!

  14. uptowneastside says:

    mazal tov

  15. axel says:

    Congratulations, Mr and Ms Cranky!
    I shall survive whithout a week of posts, dont worry!

  16. Jazz290 says:

    All the best, Cranky!

  17. SAN Greg says:

    Cheers and congrats to you both! (I’m guessing travels for your honeymoon won’t include Alitalia)

  18. Congrats! I second or third the previous sentiment.. Don’t show your face around here for a week!

  19. Nes says:

    Congratulations from Belgium and hold on to each other during the bumps!

  20. Brian Lusk says:

    Wow, CF I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon and a rewarding life together! And Brett, watch your blood pressure if you see an Alitalia airplane at the airports there. Hopefully, you now have closure on the issue!

  21. WE LOVE ALITALIA says:

    Hei Cranky!
    Congratulations to you and to Mrs Cranky and wishing you a lot of little crankies (not too many).
    Are you flying Alitalia, or are honeymooning at Niagara falls?

  22. mechanic x says:

    congrats on the wedding. hang in there, the fun is just beginning!

  23. Jeremy Spector says:

    Weak…I’ve heard better excuses for not keeping us entertained and informed!!! Hopefully Delta won’t change my flight times AGAIN and I’ll make it to the wedding in one piece…with my free checked bag.

  24. Karan M says:


  25. CF says:

    Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I’m back in town and everything was fantastic. I still have a pre-written post for tomorrow, but I’ll be back in action on Thursday. There’s clearly plenty to talk about.

    Jim Sack – Thank you. Since my wife was born and bred in Indiana (her parents are still there), your wishes have extra special meaning.

    David/Dan Webb – I would love to enjoy my honeymoon, but it won’t be happening until next year. My wife doesn’t have enough vacation this year, so we’re going to wait awhile.

    SAN Greg/We Love Alitalia – Though the honeymoon won’t be for awhile, you can be assured that it won’t involve Alitalia! (We’re looking at exotic tropical islands.)

    Brian Lusk – Yeah, I’m kind of over Alitalia for now. Of course, I say that and we’ll see something else outrageous come up again soon. But the plan is to focus elsewhere . . . on things that actually matter to people a lot more!

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