The Winners of the Six Word Contest

Government Regulation, Safety/Security

I know, you’ve been waiting to hear who won the contest to best celebrate the TSA’s liquid ban 2 years after its creation, right? No Water AllowedWell, thanks to an excellent response that saw more than 500 submissions, it took some time to sift through everything. But, we’ve figured it all out. So without further ado . . .

Grand Prize (and winner of the iPod Nano)

  • “2 Years, 3 Ounces, Million headaches” – submitted by Ember D. of New York, NY

Runners-Up (in no particular order and winners of a BottleWise Duo™ wine travel bag)

  • “Celebrating 100,000,000 bottles abandoned at security” – submitted by Dara M. of New York, NY

  • “Ironically, wet blankets enforce liquids ban” – submitted by David A. of Tulsa, OK

  • “Lady Liberty weeps 3 ounce tears” – submitted by Jeff C. of Woodbridge, VA

There was one entry that I have to give honorary mention to . . .

  • “Security has dry sense of humor”

Since this was submitted by The Global Traveller in New Zealand, he wasn’t eligible for the prizes. Still, we loved this one, so I had to give it a shout out.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. Post some of your favorite entries in the comments section below and let’s see how you think we did.

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5 comments on “The Winners of the Six Word Contest

  1. I take it if I complain about the outcome I’ll be detained, strip searched, and put on a no-post list?

  2. Um…not to be a wet blanket, but 100,000,000 is “one hundred million”–so technically over the six-word limit.

  3. I think that my favorites were “Bottled water is not a crime”, “No more secure, but much thirstier” and “Water on Mars, not on plane”.

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