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This week was Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP) week over at BNET. Grant applications for this year’s program are rolling in, and I look at some of the best and worst. The federal government offers up this money to help small airports build up service in their area. Some take better approaches than others, and some come off as downright greedy.

Elko Applies to SCASDP for More Service to Reno
It’s SCASDP week here at BNET Travel. I’ll be looking at a new airport grant request every day. Today, it’s Elko and it’s odd request for more Reno flights.

Escanaba Looks to SCASDP for Marketing Funds
A new airline, new connecting hub, and two months without service. Escanaba wants a SCASDP grant to help tell the community what’s happening.

Dubuque Looks to Expand Its Unique Marketing Plan with SCASDP
An airport with a frequent flier program? That’s the kind of innovation the SCASDP should be supporting.

Midland Applies to SCASDP for More Flights to the West
Midland/Odessa has flights from American, Continental, and Southwest, but apparently that’s not enough. They want more to the West.

Bangor Wants SCASDP Grant for More New York Service
Bangor already has year-round service to the New York area. Why is it trying to get funds for even more?

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9 comments on “This Week on BNET (July 21 – July 25)

  1. There was something in one of the stories this week I wanted to comment on. But when I noticed that I had to register to leave a comment on that site, I couldn’t be bothered. And now I don’t recall what it was, so I can’t leave it here either :(

  2. Escanaba sounds like a waste of money, they can probably direct mail 5 full size letter envelopes to every household within 50 miles of the place for that much money. It shouldn’t be hard for the locals to understand, you used to connect through xxx, in a month when service comes back it’s yyy. That information fits on 1 postcard and takes all of 6 brain cells to process. The local media will cover it too. So I call waste on that one.

    Re Dubuque’s frequent flyer program, Central IL Regional Airport in Bloomington-Normal has had such a program for a while now, you can see details on their web site. The benefits are wimpy until you get to the 20-30 trip level, but it’s something.

  3. That was it, Anon Coward: my thought on the Escanaba story was that usually the local papers and TV news stations should be a good (and free) way to educate the population about these types of changes.

  4. Never mind SCASDP. Watch EAS (essential air service). Part scam, part government pass-through. But here in Alaska, it comes in handy on weeks like this when the FAA REVOKED the operating certificate of L.A.B. Flying Service in Juneau (unsafe airplanes, shoddy procedures….details, details). The carrier used to fly puddle-jumpers (mostly Piper Cherokee 6s) between Juneau and Klawock, Hoonah, Kake and Glacier Bay National Park. They were PAID to do so by the taxpayers. Now, it appears those communities must Hold Short prior to takeoff until another carrier steps up. Wings of Alaska already is serving the hopping Kake-Juneau market. Hmmm.

  5. One thing to keep in mind on that Escanaba grant is that it’s not for a lot of money. $181,000 won’t cover much at all, and it seems reasonable. Just because it’s a relatively small town doesn’t mean everyone is going to be watching the local news. It still can take some effort to get the word out, I think.

  6. What else is there to do in a small town? ;)

    For $181,000, they could have the airport director visit each of the 5,800 households personally to inform them individually of the changes. :)

  7. CF, have you been up there? (Yooperland I mean?) $181k goes a long way. Seriously, Delta County has 16,000 households. If you add in Menominee and Schoolcraft that’s still only 29,000 households total. I left out Marquette and Dickinson because they have their own airports.

    So, where is the $181k going? Something stinks.

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