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I know I said I’d try to only put media mentions on my news page, but when the Queen, Benét Wilson, gives you 10 minutes with her on her podcast, how can you not put that up?

Benét and I have known each other for a long time, since our days living in Phoenix (she working at Mesa and I at America West). So, I’ll try not to hold it against her that she used just about the worst possible picture she could find for the podcast in which we talk about the recent airline schedule changes.

After listening to the piece myself, I had two thoughts:

  1. I just kept talking and never shut up. I’m shocked Benét didn’t issue me a verbal beatdown to get me back in line.

  2. Anyone else think I sound like Scott Weiland with his megaphone? And that was on a landline, sheesh.

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7 comments on “Cranky on the Things with Wings Radio Show

  1. CF, its nice that you got on a podcast but frankly, its hard to believe that anyone even listens to, or reads your friend’s blog. Same goes with Planebuzz….no one leaves any comments! Over here at CF, fellow readers are indeed leaving comments which shows that you engage your readers, and I for one do like reading your stuff. Its original and of interest. Keep up the the good writing and you might want to get a more professional self portrait!

  2. Bigjohn – I think that I tend to reach a very different type of audience than PlaneBuzz or the Aviation Week blogs. I get a lot of fantastic commenters who often have more insight than I do. These are usually people who are frequent travelers or airline enthusiasts, and they add a great deal to the discussion every day. Sure, there are airline employees who read as well, but I tend to get more private emails from them instead of public comments.

    PlaneBuzz and Aviation Week, on the other hand, are aimed mostly at those who are involved in the industry. While I know plenty of people pay attention, my guess is that few are willing to comment when it’s related to their job. They don’t want to get in trouble, and I can’t really blame them.

    As for the photo, you’re right. I’ve got to be able to find something better than that!

  3. I just finished listening to the podcast, to bad they can’t make the sound quality better for call in guests.

    About that pic of you, I didn’t know you and Rick Moranis where brothers, that was a face pose right out of Little Shop of Horrors if I’ve ever seen one…

  4. I’ll have to catch that, Benet is a wonderful person.

    I met her briefly when I was at HP and she was at the evil Mesa Airlines.

  5. Regarding sound quality (I haven’t listened to the Podcast yet, but the landline comment pretty much gives it away): why not use the internet? Skype with broadband on both sides gives pretty awesome sound quality.

  6. Please allow me to comment – Bigjohn, Cranky nailed why we don’t have more comments on the blog. Also the suits make people register, which many just don’t want to do.

    I asked Brett for a photo, and he gave me my pick. In my official role as his chief torturer, I chose the one that amused me most.

    On the sound quality, you’re right. I’ll check into getting Skype for my future recordings. I really appreciate Brett being on the show. All joking aside, he has great insight and he makes me laugh. It’s a winning combination!

  7. Hey Benet, after I retired from AWA, I interviewed at Mesa for a management position.

    What a freak show! After 3 interviews, I was convinced that they were all insane.

    Oh well, I’m the guy who was at OBAP a few times for AWA.

    Out of the biz now, I miss the fun, but not the rest, the industry just kills people.

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