Did This Merger Happen Yet?

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It’s hard to write so many posts in advance of a long trip, so I asked my coworker and Cranky Photographer, Christopher Craig, to pick out a photo from his collection that I could post while I’m gone. Now keep in mind, I wrote this post on April 26, and I’m just going to guess that there’s been more merger activity since then. So, has this merger happened yet?
Southwest British Airways Merger
I’d like to blame this ridiculous idea on my brain not getting enough oxygen at the high Peruvian altitudes, but I guess I already told you I wrote this before I left. Oh well. My plane is landing as this post goes live (assuming we’re on time), so I guess I’ll find out what really happened soon enough. I’ll be back posting on my regular schedule again tomorrow.

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4 comments on “Did This Merger Happen Yet?

  1. Hilarious. And despite the absurdity of it, god knows in the current airline climate, Britwest Southways might just work.

    If only we had truly open skies…but wait, that’s what Americans want OTHER countries to offer, we’d never want that in America…

    Thanks for the smile, Cranky.

  2. what a terrible airline that would be!
    and surely the name would be just as bad… i can’t think of anything that could merge the UK and Texas…

  3. I heard the same story too, but the Airline is called “Air Southwest”. Since 2003 usually once a month.

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