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Those of you who have been reading Cranky for awhile will remember back in October I asked which airline I should fly to Peru for a trip in the seemingly distant future. I'll Be BackWell guess what? It’s time for that trip.

A whopping 59% of you said you’d opt for the LAN nonstop from LAX to Lima, and I have of course decided to listen to you. So, my fiancee and I head out this weekend for a week and a half of relaxation down there.

There’s good news and bad news, of course. The bad news is that I’m not even going to bring a computer with me. That means that when crazy news breaks, I won’t be able to talk about it until I return. Will US Airways buy Aeroflot? Maybe Alitalia will turn around and takeover BA. Could there be a brand new ATC system up and running in the US by the time I return in a couple weeks?. The possibilities are endless, but I won’t write about it while I’m away.

The good news is that I’ve got a full slate of posts ready for you while I’m gone. Some of them are my own, but I’ve also got some guest spots from one or two industry people that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Now, the other bad news is that comments on this blog are moderated, and I won’t be around to moderate them. I may have some people checking in to approve them, but if not, I promise to approve if I find an internet cafe. At the very least, they’ll be approved when I return.

So, enjoy the next couple weeks. I’ll have a full trip report when I get back.

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9 comments on “Hitting the Road

  1. I agree! I didn’t start reading your blog until after you asked, but I would have said LAN down to Peru. One of my travel agent friends called TACA “take a chance airlines,” so I’ve always avoided them. TAME doesn’t fly to LAX I don’t think (I’m an East coast boy), and LACSA and Copa would both have layovers. And of course American carriers generally suck… lol. Have a great trip!!

  2. Buenos suerte and safe travels! You should check out the Asus EEE PC. I usually just pop into internet cafes to check mail and send off emails – but if I do stay in one place I bring this small PC.

    Much smaller than a laptop its flash drive based, meaning no hard drive and your storage is on cards. Its durable and extremely compact – I just throw mine in my messenger back and it doesn’t take much space at all. Its a great travel PC!

    Here’s a photo: ttp://www.futuregringo.com/index.php/2008/01/25/asus-eee-pc/

  3. Thanks everyone. James – It’s not the issue of the size of the computer. I just don’t want to be connected! I need to relax, and if I have the computer with me, that won’t happen.

  4. In this day and age, not taking a computer along is a refreshing choice. Congratulations on knowing what’s important (and what’s not). Enjoy your vacation!

  5. OK man. Let us know how it wnet with LAN. A non stop is usually a good option. Myself, I once flew via PTY on Copa and was pretty good. The stop was worth it given the good variety of duty free licor and PTY airport.

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