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Raise your hand if you wish you could read more of what I have to say.

For the two of you who actually raised your hand, you might need to seek some professional help. If not, you’ll be happy to know that in addition to Cranky, I’m now going to be writing for BNET as well. What is BNET? Well, take CNET and change the first letter. Still not working for you? BNET is “the go-to place for management,” or at least that’s what the tagline says. It really is trying to be a resource for managers, and for some strange reason the people over there have asked me to help make that happen.

I am now officially the travel blogger for BNET. Basically, you know that as Cranky I try to keep more focused on customer facing issues. Well, now over at BNET I’m going to talk more about topics for either managers in the airline industry or those who think it’s so screwed up that they could learn how NOT to do things. I’ll be posting over there every day Monday through Friday, just as I do here.

So, please come and check it out. You can sign up for RSS and email alerts if you’d like. But please keep coming back to Cranky as well. Nothing will change over here at all. You’ll still get the same frequency, same quality, and same terrible graphics that you know and love.

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  1. That’s a very good question. All of you guys going over there to read it must have flooded their servers . . . or not. I spoke with the BNET guys and it should be fixed now.

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