Amazingly Low Gas Prices

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I saw this on reddit this morning just had to laugh. You might remember when this accident happened: 8 years ago today. The Southwest flight from Vegas overran the runway at Burbank and ended up right next to this gas station, and THIS is what we take from it now?!

08_03_05 wncrashhighgas

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6 comments on “Amazingly Low Gas Prices

  1. Do you think the people who originally put together those inspirational posters had any idea the market they were creating in de-inspirational posters? This one’s an instant aviation classic, but there are a ton more out there.

    If Bret will allow this link, there’s a nice set of three here on my blog. Feel free to hotlink if you’d rather not send away your visitors.

  2. I am not sure why but that Chevron station is no longer there (on Hollywood Way next to Burbank airport).

  3. james – Yep, someone else commented on that to me privately wondering if it was actually the Midway overrun, but nope, it’s Burbank. It was raining hard that day, I believe, so it could also just be water that’s reflecting the light.

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