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Just one more delay story to end the week. Check out the mugshot on this flight attendant. 07_08_07 mugshotYikes. Too much plastic surgery on her last Brazil trip? No, not so much. She was just drunk.

Yes, 26 year old Sarah Mills apparently has quite a few problems in life. As this article mentions, Ms Mills just landed (pardon the pun) the job as an Atlantic Southeast flight attendant. She was working a flight this past Sunday from Lexington (Kentucky) to Atlanta when things went downhill quickly.

I’m not quite sure what made the captain suspect she was drunk initially. Maybe it was her admission that she began drinking Jack Daniels onboard before departure. Regardless, the captain thought twice about taking off with her, went back to the gate and had her removed.

How did she respond? She apparently screamed “you are dead” to the pilot as she was dragged off the flight. She was then charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence, terroristic threatening and alcohol intoxication. Nice! Anyone who wants to help her out can drop $350 for her bail. I’m guessing she hasn’t paid it since she said she only had 50 bucks in the bank.

Believe it or not, her blood alcohol turned out to be only .032, far below the legal limit to drive, yet she looked like maybe that .032 was just a .15 delayed a few hours. In the end, they had to cancel the flight due to lack of crew. For once, a canceled flights passengers were probably happy about.

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7 comments on “You Want This Delay

  1. *Bing bong* Welcome aboard *hic* this asa flight *hic* what? what ye looking attt?? you want a piece of me??!

  2. We all know: ASA is the worse airline flying.. ever. The ground crew could be less motivated to move flights in or out. Flight attendants.. well I rest my case on that one. The gate agents are so offensive that I saw one man pour a soda on the computer keyboard. Yes, he was arrested. I told a “red coat” that may fliers WANTED to do that. I personally have quit flying Delta (once a Platinum Medallion) because they have replaced so many of the main line flights with ASA and their horribly uncomfortable CRJs.

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