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Remember Delta’s SiteSeer? It’s been pretty quiet since they first launched the travel video site that I posted about here. Now they’ve come up with a pretty clever promotion to help build traffic to the site.

Apparently, they previously had requested video tryouts for the competition, and now they’ve chosen their finalists. There’s the elderly couple, two female cops who happen to be cousins, a pair of friends, and two sets of siblings (one annoying, the other not – you should be able to guess which is which from the picture below).

07_07_30 siteseerchallenge

According to our host, Dezirae (whom you may remember from the Los Angeles video), each team is being sent to Budapest where they have to create a video on their experience. Beginning August 6, we all get to vote for our favorite. The team with the fewest votes gets booted, and the four remaining teams move on to the next round. As you can probably figure out, this will last four rounds until a winner is crowned.

Not interested in voting? Ah, but they’re bribing you with miles. You get 250 miles every time you vote and a 1,000 mile bonus if you vote in all of them. That means 2,000 miles just for voting.

I like this promo because it does a lot of things right. First, it gets them more videos to put up on the SiteSeer site. Second, it’s addicting. Each of these teams was clearly assembled because the people have big personalities. In addition to the contest, Delta has set up a blog for each team (happily, with RSS feeds!) and a discussion forum. You can get very involved very easily. Third, it exposes Delta’s videos to a wide group of people. The mileage bonus alone will convince some people to come and vote. Maybe this will be their first exposure to travel videos, and maybe they’ll even like it and, gasp, come back for more.

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2 comments on “Delta’s SiteSeer Challenge

  1. I’m impressed with the production values and think it’s smart on DL’s part — and they captured a lot of the compelling elements of “The Amazing Race”… But one thing that seemed especially cruel was that they made the contestants fly in coach to Budapest. (Ugh!)

  2. Team O was pretty good, but I gotta go with Steph and Crow. I can see a lot more businesses going with stuff like this to get more people to interact with their product or websites.

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