Why Aren’t You Selling Tickets, Virgin America?

Distribution, Virgin America

A Note to Virgin America . . .

07_07_12 vxquestionYesterday was a huge day for you guys. You must be ecstatic to have received oral approval from the DOT to begin selling tickets.

So why aren’t you selling tickets RIGHT NOW?!?

All you say in your press release is that you plan “to begin service this August, with specific dates for tickets sales and first flights to be announced in the weeks ahead.”

August is NOT very far away. You’ve had years to plan this thing and now you get approval but you aren’t ready yet?!? What’s holding you up? Let’s get this show on the road.

When are you starting? What route are you flying next after JFK-SFO? The more time you have in advance of the launch next month to sell tickets, the better chance you’ll have of making money on those flights. I really don’t need to tell you this, do I? So, what’s the hold up?

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2 comments on “Why Aren’t You Selling Tickets, Virgin America?

  1. Give them a break — it must be tough for the VA staff to break their addiction to computer solitare after years of having nothing else to do! :-p

  2. No, it probably has more to do with their choice of vendor for their reservations system. Rumor has it aiRES isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. WestJet already ditched aiRES before going live and defected back to their original provider.

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