Delta Week Needs a Better Encore

Delta, Pinnacle, US Airways

After yesterday’s splash, I was hoping there would be a big follow-up to Delta’s Week of Fun today. So far, that isn’t the case.

The big news today? Movies and cocktails!

Ah yes, now you can watch HBO on those flights over 1,750 miles that have TV installed. That’ll be $5 a movie and $2 a show if you’re interested. Also today there will be four cocktails released under the “Midnight Sky” line. Again, that’s $5 a cocktail in coach but you get one free on intercontinental flights. It’s free up front, of course.

Other than that? Well, they updated the logo on so that’s good. And they signed Pinnacle Airlines as a new regional partner airline. For those keeping score, that puts Delta at nine connection carriers. (Atlantic Southeast, Big Sky, Chautauqua, Comair, ExpressJet, Freedom, Shuttle America, SkyWest, and now Pinnacle.) That means Delta’s in a dead-heat with US Airways for the most regional partners. US Airways also has nine. (Air Midwest, Air Wisconsin, Chautauqua, Colgan, Mesa, MidAtlantic, Piedmont, PSA, Republic, TransStates.) Introducing a brand is one thing, but keeping it consistent across 10 airlines (Delta + 9 connections partners) is a much different issue.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow’s news is much more exciting.

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