Video of the Garuda Crash from a Survivor

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It’s really amazing how much Indonesia has been in the news in the world of aviation lately. Then again, I suppose it’s not THAT surprising. There was yet another crash yesterday. This time it was a Garuda 737-400 flying from Jakarta to Yogyakarta, and almost 50 people have died so far.

The word on the street is that the plane was shaking violently as it came in for landing, it hit the ground hard and then overran the runway. While many people were able to get out, many others didn’t. The plane now is just charred remains of its former self.

What makes this really interesting is that an Australian cameraman was onboard and as soon as he got out, he took his video camera and started filming. Let’s forget about the fact that he never should have taken a camera or any other carry on off the plane with him. (JUST GET OUT OF THE F***ING PLANE!) But since he did, there is some excellent video which you can find here.

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