Horizon Finally Gets Ready to Start Santa Rosa Flights

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It seems like ages ago that Horizon Air announced it would start flights from Santa Rosa (Sonoma County, California) to Los Angeles and Seattle. I believe it was actually almost a year ago. But we’re finally getting close, and the airline released some more information about the flights today.

When flights begin on March 20, the airline will, in addition to the usual two checked bags, allow every customer to check a 12-pack of wine. Now that’s a great way to cater to your customers there. Sonoma County is one of the most prolific wine regions in the world, so this will probably be a fairly common occurence.

In addition, they’ve struck deals with local wineries and a microbrewery to supply all their flights systemwide. In March, you will be able to choose either a white or a red from Canyon Road Winery. April will have wines from Kenwood Vineyards. If you’d rather have beer, you can get a microbrew from a local brewery in Sonoma County. And yes, as usual these are free on every flight. I’m sure those new flights to Santa Rosa let them come up with a great barter agreement to get these for cheap. Nice work.

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