Ah, There It Is – Northwest Responds to Frontier

Frontier, Northwest, Schedule Changes

I knew it would only be a matter of time.

Today, Northwest announced their response to Frontier’s decision to bring flights to Memphis. First, they beefed up service on the routes that Frontier announced and then they threw a little bit of fun in there as well.

On the Las Vegas route, they added a second daily flight (Frontier will have one). In Orlando, they added a fourth daily flight (Frontier will have one). Lastly, on the Denver route, they’re upgrading all three daily flights from 50 seat CRJs to much larger A319s and A320s. Frontier will only have two flights on this route.

Northwest also added a daily Indianapolis to Denver flight which is clearly a smack back at Frontier. Since Northwest has a mini-hub at Indianapolis, this flight was probably the most rational of all possible Denver flights. And then just for fun, they added a second daily flight from Memphis to Seattle. I’m not quite sure what that one is about. It could be due to aircraft routing, I suppose.

Either way, the fun is just beginning in this fight.

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