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Take a look at the column on the right hand side and you’ll see a new addition to the blog today. I’ve put up a widget so you can search for flights or hotels using PriceGrabber right from my home page.

This is just one of the fun things we’ve been working on at PG lately. Right now, you can enter a basic roundtrip air search. If you need a one way, click the “More Options” link and it will take you to the travel home page. For hotels, just click the “Hotels” link at the top and it will take you to the hotel search page. All of these open a new window when you click so you can easily come right back to reading the blog.

One thing you’ll notice is that it takes you to the Travel page. In the next week or two, that will change to go to a customized Cranky Flier Travel page. If any readers of this blog have a blog or website of their own and are interested in putting a travel widget up like this one, send me an email at and I can give you more details on the way it works, business terms, etc.

For everyone else, happy searching!

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