It’s Travvy Time!


You all know what time of the year it is, right? It’s Travvy time! Wait – you didn’t know? Well, I guess since this is its first year in existence, I’ll forgive you just this once.

Today marks the opening of the nomination process for the 2007 Travvies. These awards are meant to recognize the best travel blogs in the following categories: Best Travel Blog, Best Destination Blog, Best Informative/Practical Travel Blog, Best Group Written Blog, Best Single Author Blog, and Best Photography.

So, head on over to the links above and start nominating your favorite blogs. The blogs have to be in English and they must have had at least 52 posts in 2006. They also must have the word “Cranky” in the title. (I kid, I kid.) Unfortunately, since the awards are being hosted by Upgrade: Travel Better, you can’t nominate that excellent blog, but other than that, you can nominate anyone who fits the above guidelines (ignoring that “Cranky” part, of course). My nominations are already in and, yes, I included myself. If I’m allowed to do it, why wouldn’t I!?!

Remember, this is just the nomination process, but I imagine the more nominations the merrier. Judges will pick their top five favorite blogs in each category and then general public voting for the winner begins on Feb 21 and runs for one week.

I’ll report back here with all the finalists on Feb 21. Happy nominating!

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