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07_03_01 Travvy WinnerHooray! I’ve won both the Informative/Practical and Single Author Travvy awards!

Thank you to all of you who voted for me. Since this isn’t the Academy Awards, I won’t bother to list you all by name and bore everyone else. Just know that I definitely appreciate the outpouring of support.

These awards mean the bar has been raised, and I need to keep creating posts that are more informative AND more practical. As if that’s not enough pressure, I have to keep doing it alone if I hope to win the Single Author award again next year. Let me know how I’m doing at my brand new email address –

I would definitely like to encourage everyone to check out the other finalists. They all work hard to put out quality blogs, and they’re certainly good reads. The other Informative/Practical finalists were, Cheapest Destinations Blog, The Perrin Post, Today in Travel, and View From the Wing. The other Single Author finalists were AdventureGirl, Flight Level 390, Killing Batteries, and Travel Sweeps.

While we’re at it, congratulations to the winners of the other four Travvies. They were:

Best Travel Blog: National Geographic Inside Traveler
Best Destination Blog: Newyorkology
Best Group-Written Travel Blog: The Lost Girls
Best Photography on a Travel Blog: Exposed Planet

And lastly, thank you to Mark Ashley at Upgrade: Travel Better for creating and organizing the Travvies. Since he organized it, he wasn’t allowed to win, but he certainly would have been a finalist had he been eligible.

Now it’s time to go celebrate by, er, going to work.

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5 comments on “Cranky Wins!

  1. Your acceptance speech is far less cranky than I’d expect. Don’t let all this fame and recognition make you a softie…

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