No Pretzels and No Snack Mix Make United the Cranky Jackass Winner

Cranky Jackass, United
jackassUnited is really getting good at winning this award, aren’t they?

In a show of brilliance, the airline has returned to its cost cutting ways the only way they know how. No, they aren’t slashing employee wages again, but they are cutting service levels. It was first tipped in this thread but I’ve since confirmed within United that there will no longer be snacks served in coach on flights of less than 760 miles.

Going from Phoenix to San Francisco? Maybe flying Los Angeles to Salt Lake? Well, you won’t be getting a snack anymore.

I must admit, I don’t personally care about the snacks, but this is just another example of United not knowing what it wants to be. On one hand, they talk about catering to the premium market as their primary goal yet on the other hand they get rid of snacks on short haul flights. If they’re truly trying to become a premium airline, this is definitely sending the wrong message.

So why do they do it? To save a couple of bucks of course. I think the saying “penny-wise, pound-foolish” certainly applies here.

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