Not a Good Day to Fly

Delays/Cancellations, Weather

Yesterday’s midwestern snowstorm is moving north while heavy rain heads into the east as I write this. If you’re traveling today, it’s going to be ugly.

Chicago/O’Hare is going to be a complete nightmare today. As if the heavy snow wasn’t enough, a Fedex plane went off the runway into the mud and is now stuck. That will keep that runway closed for a few hours. Currently, O’Hare is showing a low cloud layer at 1200 feet with snow. Winds are out of the West Northwest at 19 knots gusting to 24. Visibility is just over a mile. The FAA site says arrival delays are averaging over 3 hours right now, but I’m hearing that the airport may effectively be closed for a few hours at this point. St Louis isn’t much better.

Once you head east, um, well, you probably won’t get there anytime soon either. Boston is averaging arrival delays of 42 minutes, La Guardia is at 1 hour 48 minutes, Philadelphia is 2 hours 48 minutes, JFK is at 2 hours 57 minutes, and Newark is at 3 hours 40 minutes. the problem out there isn’t snow – it’s low ceilings and wind.

Good luck today out there.

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