Time to Name a Plane

Virgin America
Virgin America may not be able to get off the ground as an airline anytime soon, but they sure do have a lot of airplanes. If you’d like to read a good summary of the saga, head on over to State of the Airlines blog. I don’t want to get into that right now, but I do want to talk about the latest contest.
The other day, the airline had a rollout of their first plane which they named Jefferson Airplane, after the band. Grace Slick, former lead of the group, even showed up for the dedication. Now Virgin America has turned the reigns over to the public for naming the rest of their planes. Those planes are just sitting in the desert, sad and all alone, waiting to carry passengers, so maybe management thought that giving them names would keep their spirits up.
Head on over to this website if you’d like to submit your name. While you’re there, you can vote for mine. It may have been a flop at the box office, but I think that “Snakes on This Plane” would be an excellent plane name.


As they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often.

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