New Flights-a-Plenty

Allegiant, Northwest, Schedule Changes

Labor Day weekend must have shaken the cobwebs out of the schedule planning groups, because we continue to see a whole slew of new routes coming out.

  • First up is Northwest’s new service between Grand Rapids (Michigan) and New York/LaGuardia airport. That’ll be one lonely daily flight each way on a 50 seat CRJ starting Nov 1.
  • Northwest also announced a big bump in flights from Indianapolis. There will now be a fourth daily flight to New York/LaGuardia, a second daily flight to Ft Lauderdale, and a second daily flight to Tampa starting Nov 1. On Oct 1, Orlando gets a second daily flight. And for the winter season (Jan 3 to Apr 30), Ft Myers will get a second daily flight.
  • Allegiant continues its string of random cities that sound like they should be somewhere with new three times weekly flights between Orlando/Sanford and Fayettville (North Carolina) starting Nov 7. Yeah, that’s North Carolina, not Arkansas.

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3 comments on “New Flights-a-Plenty

  1. While I know they no longer exist since their merger with Delta, Northwest was the one airline I absolutely refused to fly with since they just seemed completely incapable of having a flight that was on time.

  2. What I’ve never understood is why of all the new routes that come about, I never find one that I’d actually prefer to take. I hate connecting flights!

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