MAXjet Decides to Gamble

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Raise your hand if you’ve heard of MAXjet. Then raise your hand again if you can tell me why airlines can’t just use normal capitalization rules in their names.

If you live in New York, Washington, or London, there’s a good chance you know of them. Otherwise, well, maybe not. mAxJeT is one of the new business-class only airlines that started up in the last year. They fly 767s with a product that won’t rival British Airways’ business class, but it certainly beats flying coach. With fares comparable to full coach, they’ve started to build a nice little niche for themselves. Flights currently run between London/Stansted and both Washington/Dulles and New York/JFK.

Today, maxJET announced that on November 2, they will begin twice weekly flights between London/Stansted and Las Vegas. Now at first glance this looks like a very odd route for an all-business class airline. Flying only twice a week is not a business schedule, so who is going to pay for it?

I think it has to be the casinos.

MAXJET has scheduled flights on Thursdays and Mondays – that’s a perfect long weekend for a UK gambler. The casinos can fly their high rollers out in style, make obscene amounts of money off them, and then send them home. With only 102 seats per flight, it doesn’t take much to make that route work.

If there is actually a contract with a casino, this seems like a great move for MaxjET.

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1 comment on “MAXjet Decides to Gamble

  1. I have a pic of a maxjeT plane at JFK when I was there in 2006. I guess they went under sometime later…

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