The Cranky Flier Interview: United CEO Oscar Munoz – Part 1

Remember that whole podcast thing? Well I’ve spoken with a variety of readers/listeners and learned that it’s the interviews with industry people that they liked most out of that experiment. The Cranky Flier Interview I actually agree with that sentiment, since a transcript of an interview isn’t the same as hearing it directly from someone’s mouth. And for that reason, I’ve decided to turn the Cranky Flier Podcast into The Cranky Flier Interview.

This won’t be a regularly-scheduled podcast. Instead, I’ll simply post when I have interesting interviews. And today, we start with none other than United CEO Oscar Munoz.

I sat with Oscar in November at the California Club, a fancy downtown LA private club, and I enjoyed our talk. If you’re looking for details on how comfortable seat 4K will be on the new 777-300ER, this isn’t your podcast. As is usually the case with my CEO interviews, I talk about the bigger picture. Hopefully I’ll be able to line Scott Kirby up for an interview soon so we can get into the details.

In the meantime, enjoy the 22m20s first part of my interview with Oscar. We start with just how he ended up getting this job and the conversation goes from there. Listen below or download this episode (right click and save).

A special thank you to this week’s sponsor, Koufax the Dog, the coolest dog in the coolest land. You can find him on Twitter @KoufaxtheDog. (I’m aware this doesn’t sound real, but it actually is our first paid sponsor on the podcast.)

I’ll look to publish the back half of my talk with Oscar next week. In the meantime, feedback about this new idea is always welcome.

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