3 Links I Love: Avianca’s Troubles, Sacramento’s High Costs, The Greatest Airport Hotel in the World

This week’s featured link:
As Avianca Weighs Bids, Hedge Fund Plays Unusual Role: DiplomatThe New York Times
Let’s head south for one heck of a situation down at Avianca. The airline is currently entertaining bids from Delta, United, and Copa, and the backroom drama is high. This one is a fascinating read.

Links I Love

Two for the road:
Are cheaper fares, more airlines headed Sacramento’s way?The Sacramento Bee
Here’s another tale of an airport that overspent on terminals (A LOT) and has found itself scrambling to figure out how to attract more service. It’s working on restructuring lease deals, but it still has a crushing debt load.

Hotel Project Would Revive Embodiment of Jet Age at Kennedy AirportThe New York Times
It’s a twofer for the NYT this week, but this story just makes you want to pay any price to stay at the new hotel being planned for the old TWA terminal building. Crankyfest 2018, anyone?

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Any bets re: the Avianca situation, Cranky?


What is it about CA (and NY) and over-budget, over-priced, late terminals. Here in my home airport of RDU, we built a brand-spanking-new (gorgeous) terminal a few years back and gutted and renovated a second terminal, and still managed to keep CPE down at $6.35.


I’m in for a Crankyfest in NY!


I’m in – no need to fly, transit is all I need to get there. Woo hoo!


Love watching the AV situation from fairly close up. The whole 3-headed LACSA/TACA/AVIANCA monster pits some powerful Central American families one against the other.

Last time thru the Flight Center was 1989 — loved the old “write your own pass” on HP. At the time I didn’t know that would be last visit — to the FC and to the NY girlfriend…


Mark Haneke

As the Air Service Development Marketing Manager at SMF, I can assure you that there is no “scrambling” involved in the efforts to attract new air service. During the past 18 months I have held this position, a methodical, deliberate effort has been undertaken with new and incumbent carriers on specific key target nonstop routes.Traffic is up a healthy 5.2% YTD (Oct 2016) yoy, and we’re on-target to surpass the 10 million passenger mark for the first time since 2008. The overspending predates my tenure, but the current senior management team is acutely focused on continuing to reduce our cost… Read more »