See a Replay of Today’s Live Chat About United’s New Basic Economy

Thanks for tuning in to today’s Busker live chat where I talked about United’s new Basic Economy product. The replay of the 19 minute talk is now available for viewing any time at this link. Here’s a summary of my thoughts, but you’ll have to watch the chat to get full details.

  • I like Basic Economy in theory, far better than previous, awful airline-within-an-airline strategies (I’m talking to you, Ted)
  • I’m not happy that United, like Delta, is banning changes and seat assignments (It should be allowed for a high fee.)
  • Charging for carry-ons may actually make United’s boarding process better.
  • The jury will remain out until we actually see how it prices and how it’s displayed when it goes up for sale in January.

I have no use for corporate bullcrap-speak, but you can wade through it in the press release here if you’d like. And again, watch the live chat replay here.

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