3 Links I Love: Air Berlin Restructures, American’s CIO, So Long Vin

Far-reaching restructuring of airberlin to deliver long-term growthAir Berlin
The long-rumored restructuring is here. Air Berlin, long shredding money, is going to remake itself into something that… probably will just lose more money. It’ll shrink, sending up to 40 airplanes to Lufthansa (most under Eurowings, some under Austrian) and those will be operated by Air Berlin crews. This helps Lufthansa lose more money too, but I suppose it keeps a defense out there to stave off true low cost carriers from eating Lufthansa’s lunch. (The markets will suck too much for them to bother.)

But back to Air Berlin, it’s going to split off its leisure business (how it actually got started back in the day) into a separate unit which it’ll probably look to sell. What’s left (after massive layoffs) is a carrier focusing on business markets from Dusseldorf and Berlin. Good luck.

Links I Love

How American Airlines Is Piloting New TechnologyD Magazine
This is more about American CIO Maya Leibman than anything else, but it’s a worthwhile read.

Vin Scully for Continental Airlines – Circa 1970YouTube
This weekend marks the final three Dodger games to ever be called by Vin Scully. It’s the end of a 60+ year announcing career that began when they were back in Brooklyn. It’s just incredible. It was hard for me to find a way to give my own little tribute to Vin Scully until I ran across this video in the Eye on L.A. Aviation newsletter.

So long Vin. It’s a sad weekend.

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