It’s Time for Crankyspotting Dorkfest at LAX on September 17

It’s June, and that means it’s time to set a date for this year’s Crankyspotting Dorkfest. That date? September 17 from 11a to 1p. Believe it or not, this August marks the 10th anniversary of this blog, so we’re going to make this into a giant blowout celebration…

No we’re not. That would go completely and totally against the whole point of this event.

Crankyspotting Dorkfest has a simple purpose. Come to the In-N-Out right by LAX, watch airplanes land right over your head, and talk shop with other people who love this industry. There is no special programming, no big event, no corporate sponsorship. It’s just like when you were a kid and, if you were like me, dragged your parents to the airport so you could watch airplanes fly overhead.

I hope to see you there this year.

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