3 Links I Love: Impact of Middle East Airlines, Pan Am, Southwest Exodus

Today’s featured link:
New Data Show Steep Decline in International Bookings in Orlando, San Francisco, and Chicago after Gulf Carriers Launch New ServicePartnership for Open & Fair Skies
Yes, this comes from a lobbying group, but the data is still interesting. In short, it shows what you might expect to be the case. In three US cities, when a Middle East carrier entered the market, US carriers and their partners lost a bunch of bookings in competitive markets.

That shouldn’t sound surprising, but it does contradict what we’ve heard others say – that the Middle East carriers are coming in and growing the pie, not taking away from existing airlines. There is one enormous caveat here though. This is only looking at travel from these cities to the Middle East (excluding Israel), Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, and Southeast Asia. That means the totals are smaller than you’d expect to see if you were looking at all international travel. I still find it interesting to see the data.

Links I Love

Two for the road:
Flying high: Remembering Pan AmCBS News
This video is just one of those fun looks back at what Pan Am used to be, told by former flight attendants. It’s fluffy, but it’s enjoyable.

Southwest Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Krone to RetireSouthwest Airlines
Southwest is losing a lot of experience at the top lately. First, Ginger Hardage, SVP of Culture & Communications, retired after 25 years. Then Teresa Laraba, SVP of Customers, died after 31 years with the airline. And now Kevin Krone, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, is retiring after 25 years with Southwest. That’s a lot of loss of institutional knowledge and culture.

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