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The longest flight in the
I was asked to comment on the declining popularity of 4 engine aircraft. It’s all about economics.

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  1. I know hundreds of 2-engine jets fly long over water flight everyday, but I still feel uneasy flying a 2-engine jet to/from Hawaii. It doesn’t make for a relaxing flight when you know the only one engine (hopefully one is still working) can keep you from landing in all that water.

    I do miss 3 and 4 engine airplanes flying over long stretches of water.

    • Bobber says:

      Thought I’d feel the same, David, when UA/CO started flying the 757’s across the atlantic – have to say the last LHR-IAD flight I did in a 757 was just lovely (easily as comfortable as the 777, with less queuing for the loos!).

      However, not sure how comfortable I’d be doing AKL/LAX in a 777 – likewise, nice to have the security of 4 just in case – there’s a lot of water out there.

  2. lennie falcon says:

    747’s are always faster. Twins are low and slow. When you need the power to prevent stalls (AF RIO to Paris A330) it had better be there or down you go!

    • CF says:

      lennie – Just because you have more engines doesn’t mean you have more power. The A340-200/300 had 4 engines with 31,200 to 34,000 lbs each. The A330-200/300 has engines ranging from 64,500 to 72,000 lbs note. And it should be noted that the Air France A330 was a -203 which had GE engines with 72,000 lbs of thrust each – more than any A340-200/300. Power was not the problem in that accident.

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