Cranky on the Web (October 7 – 11)

Alternate Airports: Where to Fly for Lower Holiday FaresConde Nast Daily Traveler
It’s time for the obligatory “where to find cheaper holiday fares” post. This time, we look at alternate airports. Basically, it’s “look for where the ultra low cost carriers fly.”

A Chat With the Cranky FlierAsk the Pilot
Patrick Smith and I had a conversation about the state of the industry today (along with a little personal discussion). We touched on security, the American/US Airways merger, and more.

In the Trenches: How to Use CommissionsIntuit Small Business Blog
My view on how to use commissions in my business has changed over the last couple years.

3 Responses to Cranky on the Web (October 7 – 11)

  1. ANCJason says:

    Great article about alternative airports. What about Stockton and Worcester?

    • CF says:

      ANCJason – I should have done Worcester for Boston and also Latrobe for Pittsburgh. I think Stockton is a little far out to bother from most places.

  2. ANCJason says:

    I always forget about Latrobe. I am truly amazed that NK has lasted there this long – particularly the DFW route.

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