Cranky on the Web (July 6 – 12)

Asiana Airlines Crash Lands at SFO, No Fatalities but Airport Closed, Call Your Airline for Delays and InfoConde Nast Daily Traveler
We all know about the Asiana accident at SFO last week. This was my early post on Conde Nast talking about how operations would be impacted.

In the Trenches: Crisis ModeIntuit Small Business Blog
As you can imagine, when the Asiana flight went down in San Francisco, Cranky Concierge got ready to respond for clients who might have been stuck. It was a busy weekend.

How Long Do We Have to Wait Before We Can Print Bag Tags at Home?Conde Nast Daily Traveler
Iberia just rolled out bag tags you can print from home on domestic flights. Alaska has quietly been doing a small test as well. With any luck, we’ll see this become much more widespread.

Ontario officials will face challenges if the city gains control of ONT airportInland Valley Daily Bulletin
Another story talking about Ontario Airport, and I was interviewed. But this time, it’s looking at how if the city gets control, it won’t be an easy road to growth.

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