The View is Getting Better at JFK’s T4 – Behind the Scenes of Delta’s Expansion (Guest Post)

Anyone flown through Terminal 3 at JFK on Delta lately? Fortunately, that miserable experience is soon coming to an end with the opening of Delta’s new Terminal 4 expansion in May. Justin Harrison works with SmartFlyer, a travel agency in New York that we affiliate with at Cranky Concierge. He was given a sneak peek of the terminal as they work to get it ready to open and I’m happy to be able to share his write-up and photos here with you.

On May 24, Delta will be opening its expansion of Terminal 4 at New York’s JFK Airport with some incredible new features for travelers. Among the most exciting features are the 24,000 square foot Sky Club, an open-space TSA checkpoint, and the unparalleled Sky Deck.

Delta Poster

Doreen Baron of Delta NYC, and Harry Olsen, the on-site program director, were kind enough to give us a behind the scenes look at what Delta has in store for their loyal fliers.

Harry and his team have been diligently working on T4 over the past two years, and their efforts to make Delta’s presence at JFK shine more so than before are immediately obvious. Delta has check-in kiosks conveniently located upon entry to the terminal, even manned kiosks curbside for preferred travelers, and they’ve installed a sharp red-walled area for Sky Priority members to check-in quickly.

Proceeding through check-in reveals a short walk to security, which is refreshingly open and actually appealing (as much as a TSA checkpoint can be); the multitude of lanes seems to lend itself to a speedy process. Security is within the main building, and the soaring ceiling and open space helps the area stand out from the typical claustrophobic experience.

New Security Checkpoint

Presented with a stunning closeup of the 320 foot high control tower after clearing security, passengers proceed through the open shopping area on the floor below while heading to their gates.

Main Shopping Area Past Security

On the way they will pass by one of Delta’s most exciting additions, the new Sky Club.

Entrance to Sky Club

The expanded concourse holds the new Sky Club lounge, which is 24,000 square feet in size and will hold two spa rooms, a cafe, multiple sitting areas, and a full service bar.

Sky Club Bar

The main draw, however, is what’s happening outside, literally, on the Sky Deck.

Beginnings of the Sky Deck

The Delta Sky Deck will allow those with access to the Sky Club to enjoy the comings and goings of aircraft at JFK from an unsurpassed view, all the while enjoying the absolute finest service that the carrier has to offer. While we were there it was still being constructed but were told that it would hold up to 45 people at a time. While on the roof by the unfinished structure we were close enough to hear the planes touch down on the runway, and a sea of Delta tailfins were lined up at the gates behind us, almost within reach. Hands down frequent travelers will be amazed at the sights and amenities this new addition has to offer.

The new concourse also has good things in store for all regular Delta fliers as well; each seating area in the expanded terminal area includes multiple power ports and USB ports for each seat. There are no awkward power stations to be found here, glaring and huddled around by those hoping to get a last-minute charge before flight time. Instead there are only aesthetically pleasing seating areas built with convenience in mind from the outset for each and every traveler.

Seating in Concourse

Delta clearly has an eye firmly fixed on the future of every flier’s wants and needs at JFK, and is clearly adept at meeting each and every one of them, aiming to keep every process speedy and comfortable. For an official rendering of what Delta’s put in place, watch the video below, and prepare to get excited about what the near future has to offer on your next trip through JFK.

Justin Harrison is the Corporate and VIP Account Executive with SmartFlyer. You can learn more about SmartFlyer on Facebook and on Twitter @theSmartFlyer.

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